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    Enterprise vision-- Inherit excellence, create the future "inherit excellence, create the future" . With the increasingly intensified market competition, Zhanjiang Yimin Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd. will constantly challenge itself, dare to innovate, keep pace with the times, and develop and break through the fierce market competition. Adhere to the "quality of survival, reputation for development, 3 service for efficiency" business purpose, will continue to focus on customer needs, and the majority of customers mutually beneficial, create brilliant. We must do the following work: 1. Launch Internet + activities. Taking full advantage of the characteristics and advantages of the Internet, we will further strengthen the work of collecting, transmitting, managing and serving supply and demand information with the vast numbers of pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and commercial customers, we will comprehensively raise the level of information, specialization and standardized management of the Internet plus, and further expand and strengthen the internet plus connection with pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises with the overall development of the Internet plus, so as to achieve seamless and high-level connections, to achieve the purchase and supply of varieties of both sides detailed, standardized, scientific linkage. To enhance the management level of drug purchase in an all-round way, so as to achieve a complete range, reasonable storage, to meet customer needs, and win-win goals. 2. Fully implement the GSP. GSP is the criterion for the survival and development of the enterprises. Therefore, all the work of the enterprises must be carried out conscientiously, comprehensively and effectively based on GSP. All departments and posts of an enterprise must fully implement the GSP provisions and requirements, so as to contribute to the development of the enterprise. 3. Focus on creating innovative management teams. To realize the rapid development of enterprises, we must create a stage and space for employees to give full play to their talents and roles. Through fair and just competition, make outstanding management talent come to the fore. At the same time, according to the needs of the enterprise, it will absorb some innovative talents to enrich the enterprise in a timely manner, and implement management innovation, employee performance wage innovation, Management Post and method innovation, computer system innovation, etc. , contribute to the development of enterprises. Zhanjiang Yimin Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd. to "hard work, committed to doing" , the spirit of the World Xingyao Style and all manufacturers to encourage, co-operation and common development. We will work hard to promote the development of ethnic medicine and make our due contribution