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    Zhanjiang Lingtong Medical Co. , Ltd. . SERVICE TENET: "Quality First, customer first" . The company pursues the customer satisfaction, creates the customer value. Through high quality and low price, complete range, reasonable structure of the product system, to meet customer needs, to create higher value and profits for customers, so as to obtain more customers and create maximum profits. The company has always followed the "integrity, cooperation, hard work, innovation" concept of development. In the credibility of the supremacy of quality, excellence in efficient business purposes, to provide diversified, personalized and professional services. The company has conducted various customer exchange meetings, product order meetings, etc. to establish a platform for suppliers and end customers to exchange and share information through various links in the pharmaceutical supply and marketing value chain, gSP based quality management system ensures the standardization and reliability of drugs and services. The company has a sound organizational structure and clear responsibilities. It has a purchasing department, a sales department, a marketing department, a third terminal business department, a chain headquarters, a quality management department, a warehouse management department, an e-commerce department, a finance department, a human resources department and a storage and transportation department, the implementation of effective hierarchical management, attention to the quality and ability of staff training, the establishment of an effective incentive mechanism. The quality management system of the enterprise is constantly improved, the GSP execution and guarantee ability are constantly improved, and the quality and operation level of the goods are constantly improved. The company strives to create a high-quality work, study and life environment for its employees, and to inculcate the values and business philosophy of the company to the employees, thus creating a highly cohesive and loyal workforce, formed a systematic management system and can self-renewal system and mechanism, promote a strategic-oriented, capacity-based comprehensive system management, for the company in the fierce market competition to lay a solid foundation.