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    Zhanjiang Tongling Medical Biological Engineering Co. , Ltd. was established in May 1993. The company is located in Zhanjiang Economic Development Zone. It is a high-tech Biotechnology Research, development and production enterprise, long-term and Guangdong Medical University product research close cooperation. The company relies on strong technical force, takes the perfect enterprise quality management system as the guarantee, takes the sound sales network and the advanced sales mode as the conduction, devotes to the biological engineering domain technology new breakthrough, we are dedicated to the development and production of high quality dietary supplement and functional foods, and sincerely serve the public health and safety for the purpose. The company always adhere to the "quality first for survival, customer first for win-win, scientific norms for development" for the concept. Practice the way of Heaven to reward hard work, good carry out virtue, accept all rivers, win-win development. The company has passed the Dietary Supplement GMP certification, in strict accordance with the requirements of good dietary supplement and management. With advanced production equipment and facilities, oral liquid workshop production line and solid preparation workshop production line of tablets, capsules, granules, respectively, installed independent air purification system. The clean level of the workshop conforms to the GMP requirement. The overall layout of plant facilities is scientific and reasonable, advanced production technology, product safety, quality assurance. He was awarded the dietary supplement in 2012. In order to speed up the pace of enterprise development, expand and strengthen enterprises, great support and help from all sectors of society and the Yimin Group have invested a large amount of funds, the company has more than 350 products (including protein powder, glucose, agricultural products, soup, substitute tea, dietary supplement, beverages, etc.) , including the State Food and Drug Administration and the former Ministry of Health approved 6 dietary supplement. One of the fist products: "psychic ancient secret" Malu Bone Cucumber Seed Capsule and Sofa capsule are developed in cooperation with Guangdong Medical University 5 products. "Tong Ling Gu MI" red deer bone cucumber seed capsule in cooperation between the vast number of technical personnel, experts and professors of the joint efforts, in June 2013, the grand launch of the product was born, blooming out of dazzling brilliance to illuminate the land in western Guangdong and even the whole country. Over the years, thousands of people with low bone density to eliminate bone pain, middle-aged friends bone younger, better quality of life. Shu Shu Shu capsule is the heart and brain hypoxia to get help and rehabilitation. By virtue of their guaranteed quality, the sales volume of the products has been increasing and better economic and social benefits have been achieved. Psychic Medical Bioengineering Co. , Ltd. is also opening a new chapter of medical contributions. Tong Ling Medical Co. , Ltd. with the spirit of "hard work, committed to doing, the world hing medicine" and the spirit of all manufacturers to encourage, co-operation and common development. We will work hard to promote the development of ethnic medicine and make our due contribution.